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Tech Power Girls

Tech Power Girls is a community to empower the 24*7 Super Moms in the Digital world. Our motto is Learn together, Grow together!

We are working in the field of mobile application development with Google Flutter, as well as we are providing Digital Marketing Services for businesses/products.

We are helping the moms who have more than five years of career gap and want to restart their career again.

If you are from coding background and/or if you have more interest in digital marketing, this is the right place for you!



Flutter App Development

We develop simple, yet beautiful, useful and creative mobile applications using Google Flutter. 

Digital Marketing

We provide services like Web designing, Content writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc through Digital Marketing.


Our Girls Love Us

After working for more than 4 years in different companies/institutions, I took time off from my  career to enjoy motherhood and parenting my little ones. When it seems to be a bit difficult to resume full time career after a long gap, Tech power girls provided me opportunity and confidence to start once again, i truly enjoy to be part of it, specially working on my own term and flexibility. Proud to be part of #techpowergirls

Yogita Kumar, London

“I was on break for personal reasons after working in the IT industry for 13 years on CRM.While I was looking to learn a new technology during my break, I found this group(#TechPowerGirls)who encouraged learning Flutter. I dint realize when I fell in love with this app and started to like doing mobile app development.The tool is very friendly to new commers and I am glad that I found this group with similar interest.There is no looking back now and I plan to persue this as a career moving forward. To top it all, there is flexibility and understanding amoung us, since we all are mothers and working on other priorities with regards to children and home. Definitely maintaining our work life balance. Hoping we continue this with the same spirit moving forward and train other new commers who are wandering to find the right tool to work on 🙂 Thanks to Renuka to give me this opportunity to work together. That’s how we support eachother, women help women to grow!”

Ramya Babu, London

“I worked as a software professional for over 7 years, prior to taking a break to take care of my child. I have worked at a few global investment banks, while working for renowned software services firms in London, Canada and India. I resumed work in 2018, but realized a full time job demanded significant time commitment and compromised work life balance, thereby reducing the time I could spend with my son. I’m always on outlook to perform part-time work and have undertaken some entrepreneurship stints as well, which gave me very useful learnings and experiences. Many thanks to Renuka, she came up with #Techpowetgirls, and I quickly became part of it. It helped me continue in the same field which I loved working before but with flexibility option. The group has an incredible purpose of empowering skilled women, who couldn’t continue in corporate world because they want to give equal attention to their families, as their careers. I am looking forward to learning and shaping many projects together with my fellow #Techpowergirls.”

Vrishali, India

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